2024 Illinois MCLE Reporting: Please note that the CBA has submitted Illinois MCLE credits to the MCLE Board's online portal through June 30, 2024. Welcome to the CBA Education portal. With this portal, members will attend seminars and committee meetings using Zoom webinar.  To attend you must have Zoom Desktop Client ( on your PC or Mac.  For more information, please see the FAQs.

Hover over one of the four categories below to see upcoming and on demand events. You can search for a seminar or meeting by category, type or keyword. After you register for a seminar or committee meeting, you can access the webcast by going to "My Dashboard."  You must be logged with your CBA username and password to see your dashboard.

For assistance, please call (312) 554-2052 or email

Please note: 
1. You MUST have an email address in your CBA account to register for and view seminars or meetings.  To add an email to your account, click here.

2. This page and the platform will not display or work correctly in Internet Explorer.  Please update your browser to Microsoft Edge or use a different browser.

3. MCLE certificates for meetings and seminars can be found on "My Dashboard" by clicking on Transcripts/Achievements at the top of the page.

4. Close captioning is available for all live committee meetings and seminars. To use, click 'Live Transcript' on the Zoom menu bar that appears on the bottom of the screen when the program launches.

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