Mental Health and Substance Abuse PR-MCLE Credit

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15 Results

  • Promoting Personal and Professional Wellness (10/19/2021)

    Includes Credits

    This program will help you develop a toolbox of coping strategies to promote wellbeing and personal growth as you navigate a challenging career.

  • Mental Health and Mindfulness for Young Lawyers: A Fireside Chat (6/22/2021)

    Includes Credits

    Jeff Bunn of The Mindful Law Coaching and Consulting Group will join us for an interactive chat about the basics of mindfulness and meditation, including what these practices are and how they can impact the practice of law and lawyer well-being.

  • Let’s Get Physical! Physical Exercise Meets Mental Health (6/17/2021)

    Includes Credits

    How lawyers can improve their mental health and reduce stress by incorporating forms of physical exercise that require a mind-body connection into their workdays

  • Beyond Black and White Thinking (05/24/2021)

    Includes Credits

    How lawyers can move beyond the limits of "black and white" (binary) thinking that can trick us into assuming there is a "right" or "wrong" answer and limit us from pursuing opportunities.

  • Mind the Body: Physical and Mental Well-Being While Working From Home (5/24/2021)

    Includes Credits

    The important connection between “minding our bodies” to promoting mental well-being while working from home.

  • Mindful DEI (05/14/2021)

    Includes Credits

    In this seminar, we shall dig into mindfulness as it pertains to efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Strategies for Lawyers To Destress During the Workday (5/12/2021)

    Includes Credits

    The CBA and Black Women Lawyers Association of Greater Chicago are joining forces for a discussion about why it’s important for lawyers to develop mental and physical strategies to de-stress throughout the workday.

  • Basic Skills Course For Newly Admitted Attorneys (3/19/2021)

    Includes Credits

    The CBA's Basic Skills Course for Newly Admitted Attorneys will satisfy the Supreme Court of Illinois' MCLE Rule 793 Requirement for Newly Admitted Attorneys 6 hours of basic skills course requirement.

  • Your Practical Action Plan for Wellness in 2021 (1/27/2021)

    Includes Credits

    A great opportunity to chart a healthier path for you and our profession in the new year and beyond.

  • Secondary Trauma in the Legal Profession (12/09/20)

    Includes Credits

    This seminar, we’ll dissect our understanding of how trauma functions in the brain, and how a client’s trauma often presents itself throughout the course of representation