Optimizing Microsoft Teams for Seamless Communication (6/20/24)

Optimizing Microsoft Teams for Seamless Communication and Enhanced Efficiency

Microsoft Teams is an important technology tool for law firms because it helps everyone stay connected and get work done faster. In this session, you’ll learn how Microsoft Teams can revolutionize communication and efficiency within legal teams, explore the various features Microsoft Teams offers, address how it can meet the demands of hybrid work environments, and discuss practical ways to utilize the tool specifically within a law firm environment. 

Key Takeaways: 
Learn How to Set An Effective Microsoft Teams Structure 
Understand the Differences Of Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and Onedrive
Learn How to Integrate Other Microsoft 365 Applications for Efficient Workflows
Ways to Start Implementing Actionable Strategies to Maximize Productivity and Enhance Team Collaboration

Speaker: Daleele Alison is a technology professional, entrepreneur, and Microsoft Partner. As the CEO and co-founder of RooksDM, a technology consulting firm, he helps alleviate pain points for small to midsize law firms by using the right technology, including Microsoft 365. RooksDM does everything from one-time consulting and project implementation to building custom technology solutions. For the past decade, Daleele has worked as a consultant, business analyst, and project manager for Fortune 500 companies to SMBs. He is a passionate entrepreneur who founded RooksDM and local networking groups Digital Marketing Topic and Trends (DMTT) and Local Coffee Chi (a social group for coffee lovers in Chicago). To learn more, visit www.RooksDM.com.

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Optimizing Microsoft Teams for Seamless Communication (6/20/2024)
06-20-2024 at 2:00 PM (CDT)  |  60 minutes
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