Work Allocation as a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Retention of diverse lawyers continues to be a challenge for most large law firms. Despite trying an assortment of programs and strategies to address the issue, year after year, the picture remains virtually unchanged: a few bright spots but generally bleak. Now, from the UK comes a “new” approach: work allocation. While a few US firms have explored work allocation, it remains relatively untried in the US. Now, some large London firms are implementing work allocation as a strategy and seeing positive results: better retention rates for diverse lawyers coupled with increased productivity and profitability for the firms.

Please join IILP and the Chicago Bar Association for a discussion with Dave Cook, CEO; and Robert Brown, Project Manager, of Mason & Cook - the British consulting firm working with many of the largest London law firms to custom design work allocation programs that are showing measurable results in terms of retention and profitability. Hear how these work allocation programs are being designed and the results that firms are seeing.

Presented by the CBA and the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession



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Work Allocation as a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (on demand webcast 4/24/2019)
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