A University for Chicago and a Man for All Seasons (10/05/2021)

The Chicago Bar Association’s Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Engagement (D.I.C.E) program is pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Amiridis, Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago, will join us to share his vision for UIC in the diverse community of Chicago, especially after the recent addition of the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law. Like many UIC students, Amiridis, a native of northern Greece, was a first-generation college student. He became chancellor in March 2015, and has called UIC “a model of a public urban research institution.” As Chicago’s largest university campus, UIC has over 34,000 students and ranks among the top 65 of more than 650 national universities in federal research funding.

The Chancellor will discuss issues of interest to the legal community including:
• What role does the law play in the growth of this institution? 
• How can the University meet its obligations of social responsibility in the nation’s activist climate of civil and political rights? 
• How can the University balance its ambitious growth with the necessity to foster diversity, inclusivity and community engagement?

Dr. Michael Amiridis, Chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago


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